The previous messages posted on this site will be published in the near future and be available as a book.  Yes, printed in black on white and bound together.  I love books.  The Lord of glory Himself uses books.  The Spirit uses some of our current technology to paint pictures for us, but also methods of communication as old as the tablets from Mt. Sinai.  We are continually listening for the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, to speak to us.  We have filters, usually some sort of cultural filters that bend the message.  We also have false concepts that distort the messages.  During what we call the Reformation, much of the horrible doctrine that allowed the Dark Ages to ensue, was dispelled.  We learned this as a people, that every believer is a prophet, a priest, and a king.  In Christ, by the true anointing of the Holy Spirit, we can be born into His kingdom, His divine family, and grow into these three functions which become His way of bringing His kingdom into the earth.

As I consider the words just written above, I must say that God foresaw the circumstances of the Dark Ages.  Provision was coming to end the Black Plague through perfumers and essential oils.  I believe The Lord always had a remnant, true to Him.  Such a people recognized Him and followed the Lamb in their own lives.  They demonstrated the life of Christ, bearing those fruit of love, joy peace, patience, long suffering, gentleness, meekness, and self-control.  I probably misstated something there.

We are people, human beings growing up out of a fallen condition.  Do we understand that salvation is a process?  We are born from above by an incorruptible seed.  And we grow.  So Paul writes to the Hebrews that he wants to move them from the elementary principles.  Go read, or re-read, that passage.  The elementary principles are quite different from what we think is elementary.  Laying on of hands is elementary.  Really?  How we need the Holy Spirit as our teacher.  Each one of us.  You will notice that I do not give references for all the scriptures I use.  I want you to dig for yourself.  Many of us have incomplete knowledge of the law and the prophets.  We need to Spirit of wisdom and revelation of the knowledge of Christ.

This is my motivation in writing, and in my life, that we would grow in a revelation of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  I would say that, like Paul, my heart is that every man, including myself, would be presented to God, complete in Christ.  I think I have written before, and I expect I will write again, that He will see the travail of His soul and be satisfied.  Christ died to demonstrate God’s great love for mankind, and that He would thereby purchase out of every nation a bride fit for His Son.  Yes, this is shrouded in mystery.  What does that really mean, “travail of His soul?”  It is not a doctrine to be posted on a wall.  It is the truth to be written in and through us to attract others to this beautiful One Jesus.