We Are His Inheritance

(Ps.127, Eph. 1:18)

We often hear and pray that the Lord would give us the nations as an inheritance.  We ask in a way that the nations are our inheritance.  This is appropriate and true as we are, and are becoming, one with Jesus and our Father.  Consider that this was the prayer of Christ Himself to the Father, that we would be an inheritance for Himself.  He later prayed for those that the Father had given Him, that we would all be one.  The Son did nothing of Himself.  Such a unity, such a oneness, such a glory between the Father and the Son.  As believers, we are invited to be a part of that.  If we say yes to Him in whatever He calls us to, and continue to say yes, He will make it happen.  He is the author and perfecter, the finisher, of faith.

Children are the heritage of the Lord.  How happy is the man whose quiver is full of them.  This is written in the Psalms.  Lots of children around the table and the daddy rejoicing over, actually enjoying His children.  What a picture of a great family.  But see it from His perspective now.  This speaks of the Lord Himself, our Father, rejoicing over us.  We are that heritage, His inheritance.  Out of every nation, every natural tribe, every ethnic group, He has called and drawn a people for Himself.  He has caused us to be born of another life, the life that is in His Son, Jesus Christ.  As Peter wrote for us, we are His possession, a nation of kings and priests to Him.

Consider this.  What does one do with an inheritance?  Some may spend it all on themselves.  Some may give it all away.  What does our Father in heaven do?  He gives us away.  First to Jesus Himself.  He prayed for the ones that God had given Him.  He prayed first for those who were His direct and close companions, and then for all those who believe through their word.  Words are important.  How will they hear except someone preach, and how will we preach unless we know, truly know, we are sent?  Yes, some things are worth repeating.  We have mentioned that the gifts He gives are those apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, and evangelists, we think of as being in ministry.  If they are genuine and fulfill their calling, they help raise us up to do the work of the ministry with them.  All of us taking our places as He, the head over all to the church, assigns and places us.

We have referred to the bride of Christ.  We together are His body, His church, His bride.  Ultimately, this is the finish, the crown for the Lord Jesus Himself to fully receive.  He will see the end of His trouble, the day of Jacob’s trouble, what we hear to be that final tribulation.  Some, as said to the church of Philadelphia, will be spared the trouble, intense trouble, that is about to come on the whole world.  It has been coming, and has been here in measure, but we understand it will yet intensify.  It is all to secure every member of His body as fully ready.  I think that only He knows what that really means.  Only He knows what she, that glorious bride, will really look like.  She is all glorious within.  Sometimes I think, because it is an inward beauty that attracts the Lord, only He will recognize when she is ready.  Many of us will not be aware.

We began this series of writings concerning the spiritual riches that Christ is and His giving of Himself to and for us.  We have touched on only the surface of these truths.  Our intent has been to stir more hunger, more love to pursue Him.  He has always been pursuing us.  As He catches us, opens our eyes, and transforms us, we become the inheritance.  We, together, are becoming the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints.  This His reward.  As He said to Abraham, “I AM your exceeding great reward.”  And we are His reward.  That is the end of the age, a bride ready, truly filled with the fullness of Him who fills all in all.  Even so, come Lord Jesus.