Before the foundation of the cosmos, God purposed in His great love to join us together with His Son, Jesus Christ.  He has accomplished this at the cross of Jesus, where He draws the attention of mankind to the pivot point of history.  While this moment is the fulcrum, God has ever been moving on our behalf.  We read the stories of men and women through the ages and are moved to respond, often with an uncertain sense in search of the truth.  We find that this comes through relationship with others who have been pioneers, who have gone to a spiritual place we have not yet been.  We find ourselves drawn to such people in our hunger.  No one does this like Jesus Himself.  He is the focal point that God provided so that we might know Him not as a distant God, but as a loving Father to be enjoyed.  And more, this Father wants to present us to Himself with joy. He enjoys us as we come to know Jesus and Father Himself.

I have been moved to write this blog to simply share insights received through 40 years of walking with Jesus.  Rather I should say Jesus walking with me.  Whether or not we recognize the fact, at the day called Pentecost, God poured out His Spirit on all flesh.  Note it reads, all flesh.  In 1974, sitting in a cubicle in central NJ with a friend, I spoke the simple phrase, “All you have to do is believe in Jesus.”  I experienced a personal baptism in the Holy Spirit.  He filled me in an instant and Jesus became known to me.  Later, when I read John 7:38 & 39, I recognized that I had known a fulfillment of those words in my life.

The Spirit of God yet broods today over the face of the whole earth seeking hearts which are prepared to receive such revelation.  Our part is to simply believe, to respond with acceptance to each and every demonstration of the Spirit in our lives.  As the banner suggests, He longs to join us to the cloud of witnesses who have gone before and to Himself to share His glory.

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