Growth in His Body

(Eph. 4:15,16, Rom. 8:12-24)

The body of Christ is building itself up in love.  Paul exhorted us to do this as he wrote to the Ephesians.  Some of us have heard and are actually doing this.  Too many have not yet heard.  Others are easily distracted from this and other most important things.  The kingdom of God is more family than a “kingdom”.  Our concepts of the kingdom require top down leadership.  Paul does not refer the Ephesians back to himself but to the head of the body, who is Christ.  Every part of the human body is connected to the head by way of the nervous system.  In the matured body of Christ each member knows it’s part and function as related to Christ.

It is all about Christ being seen.  This is the goal form God’s perspective.  Many have said that we should set goals and then work to achieve them.  As we do this we will grow as people.  We will develop character.  But we can do this and be effective human beings and we still find ourselves unsatisfied.  So effectiveness is not the goal.  The goal is knowing Him who is so awesome and boundless that we can never know Him fully.  No despair.  Just press on to know Him.  The greatest among us should lead us in this.  Paul did.  For Him, to live is Christ and to die is gain.  Are we there?  Are we moving in that direction, that Christ is our life?

Growth is the process of God.  Mental and emotional maturity are too often ignored among believers.  God has subjected creation to futility because mankind as a whole has rejected His wisdom, His mind, His understanding.  By the Spirit we have the mind of Christ.  But we must listen.  Let him who has ears to hear, pay attention to what the Spirit is saying.  While we may find ourselves frustrated to the point of anger, consider Jesus.  He knew the same emotions but was strong in spirit to continue to follow His Father’s ways.  His ways are lovingkindness and truth, or grace and truth.  Always.  His ways never change.  His discipline, His judgements are always to move men to repentance and transformation.  Are you captive by circumstances?  That exists for you to look up and hear His perspective on your situation.  He wants you closer to Himself.

We are not subjected to futility.  Creation and the unbelievers around us walk in futility because they do not know Him.  Their portion is futility so that they might turn.  Turn to what?  Turn to mature believers, His sons, to be delivered.  Here is the hidden yet obvious truth.  Jesus knew and said the fields are white unto harvest.  Among the unbelievers are those who want to believe.  As we shine and do good works as we know God has put those opportunities in our path, others are drawn in His direction.  This is often invisible to us.  Simply keep sowing and allow the Lord to sow you into the lives of others as He leads.  As many as are led by the Spirit, these are the sons, mature sons, of God.  The Spirit leads us to walk in righteousness.  That means we don’t do what our bodies and emotions may push us toward.  Rather we put those to death.  We simply say no to them and yes to the Spirit.  And as we go on we know more and more of His leading and do the works He chose beforehand for us to do.