(John 4:14, Gen. 24, Gen. 26, John 7:37, 38)

I have recently heard a man exhorting us to be digging wells of revival.  I understand that message.  I am again grateful for understanding I received through the Lord’s servants years ago concerning digging wells of spiritual life.  If we look at the lives of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, we see a theme of wells and water. The referenced chapters in Genesis are rich in teaching this.  It all speaks of the Spirit and our hunger for more of Christ.

Many of us have dug our well.  We have begun at the place where all must begin.  We have believed Jesus Christ came from God.  Hunger is part of who we are as created by God, in love.  He created us to long for Him.  He longs for us.  As I looked at Genesis 26 and John 14, I could see the repeated theme of the Lord seeking and finding His bride.  First look at Abraham’s servant seeking a wife for his son Isaac.  Do you hear the Holy Spirit brooding over the earth today seeking for a heart, and hearts, that are ready to belong to Him?  The servant goes to the place where the women, the churches we might say, go for water.  How much of our activity is motivated by spiritual thirst?  Now Rebekah was doing what she did every day.  She did not know God was about to turn her life in a whole new direction.

And Jesus is moved by the Spirit to pass through Samaria.  It is the place of spiritual mixture.  Rejected by the pride and arrogance of the Pharisees, those who are of Judah and religiously pure in their own eyes, the Samaritans began to worship in their own mountain.  While we can trace this back to the division of the kingdom after Solomon, it goes back farther.  Jesus met the woman at the well which was known as Jacob’s.  Of all the people the Spirit would have singled out, here is a woman who has had failed relationships and is something of an outcast.  She comes to the well all alone.  She had no idea that morning how her life would flip.

Jesus plainly reveals Himself to her.  That is not His typical way.  But no encounter with Jesus is typical.  He is always new, always fresh, always right on target for the situation and person.  The manna was fresh every morning and you had to gather it every day.  It would spoil if you try to save it.  And He is the living water He offers to the woman.  Of the water He says she will never thirst again.  She had known several men.  None satisfied.  Here was a man who was leading her to another level, another place.  He was offering the Spirit.  He, the Spirit, is the well springing up to eternal life.  That life is knowing Him, growing in grace and the knowledge of Christ.  Jesus tells this dear woman that it will become in her a fountain springing up to eternal life.

This is for each of us who believe.  Receive the Spirit who has come to lead us into all truth.  He is in us to reveal Christ in and through us.  He is like the mountain spring that never dries up.  We cannot run out of Him.  Be being filled up 24/7 with Him and let Him overflow wherever you are, whatever you are doing.  His glory and presence can touch washing the dishes or folding the laundry.  And it can touch your mouth as you speak of Christ Jesus to a thirsty soul.  Or you may just say, “God bless you.”  Consider Rebekah and Abraham’s servant at the well.  Her heart, her servant nature to water even the camels that brought this stranger to her neighborhood. opens the door to her greatest adventure.

More than that is going on at the well.  Proposals and marriage go on at the well.  Are you married to Him?  Are you one Spirit with Him?  The Samaritan woman begins a journey with Jesus that does not end that day.  It would not surprise me if she made it to the upper room.  I do not know this but who were among the 120?  We only know a few names.  At that day, the windows of heaven were opened.  Today, we pray that they be opened.  I understand that prayer but I tell you, it is for us to believe and receive, and continue on.  When we are dry, we are to stir up the gift of God in us.  Stir up the fountain.  Say, spring up o well!  It cannot be stopped when we are open and willing.  Let it flow and be careful not to interrupt Him.  If we grieve Him, be quick to repent and He will return.  Thank you, Lord, for your patience and forbearance, and your persistence to have us fully.