The Greater Purpose

(Psalm 45)

This psalm begins with the words, “My heart overflows with a good theme.”  In times of trouble, in a wilderness setting, in a place of isolation, the Lord would draw us closer to Himself.  Again He would speak to us and remind us of the larger picture and purpose.  He has had a purpose, a plan, a strategy from before the foundation of the earth.  The more we see present circumstances through that lens, the greater the effective outcome of the circumstances.  We learn a new lesson, not outwardly but inwardly.  We ourselves are revived and awakened to what is really going on.

Isaiah 57:15 speaks of the Lord’s revival.  He looks to those who are humble and contrite, or broken.  The cry “Lord, what are you doing?  What are you after?”  can be a complaint or an honest cry for alignment.  Isaiah 66 echoes the Lord’s attitude toward the humble and broken.  As He speaks about His house, He says, “What are you looking to build?  I am looking for meek ones to whom I can give the earth.”  The meek are in a position, are empty, so they can be filled, and built together.  They see others differently because they know who they are and what they are not.  Reading through Psalm 33, we see the Lord looking from heaven (v. 13) and the Sprit speaks of the Lord’s counsel.  And His eye is on them that fear Him (vs. 18).  He singles out those who hope in Him.

His purpose is connected with His calling which is connected with His gaze.  He searches the whole earth, and He searches those who are His people, His church. He looks at the heart.  He is wanting to expose those things that hinder the flow of His life and as we allow, or yield, those things are removed.  I am often brought back to those words written in Revelation as the Lord walks among His lampstands.  It’s wonderful to know that we are part of that and He has not quit on us.  No pride in that.  He revealed Himself to us and we are paying attention.  We are returning His gaze.  I believe we are.  His eyes are always searching.  As He does we learn to rest in His love.  I still think of James words, “Consider it a joy when trouble comes.”  I am not always so quick to that response.  James wrote that because he understood it in his own life.  My we be quick to see what the Lord is after as we face new challenges, new troubles.

Trouble comes to bring us to a better place, a place of greater understanding.  I often hear a cry for the a return of the fear of the Lord.  Yes, it is necessary and foundational.  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  We need to continue on from there in our lives just as that verse continues.  And the knowledge (intimate experience) of the Holy One is understanding.  As we understand what His greater purpose is, the true and mature knowledge of Him, we move in greater submission to all that He brings our way.  Let us press on to know Him.  Is anything else really worth it?