The Beauty and Value of a Timely Word

(Prov. 25:11)

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.  These words sank deeply into me many years ago.  Recently I recalled them with great appreciation.  I would say I relished them in my spirit.  My inner man is refreshed by the wisdom they impart.  So this word reflects on itself a glory from God as it speaks about words.  Consider the times you heard exactly what you needed to hear from Him.  Perhaps through a preacher, a teacher, a brother, sister, or even a stranger.  I know a song by David Brymer, and it begins, “Your words are spirit, Your words are life.”  See John 6:63.  He was singing of the words that are spoken to us by the Lord Jesus.

In the writings of the disciples and apostles, two Greek words are used for our English, “word”.  One is logos, and one is rhema.  That second word refers to more than information about something.  It is communicated person to person in relationship, a spoken word that one hears.  That is God’s intent, to communicate directly to each of us.  Jesus said, “Let him who has ears to hear, hear.”  We must be attentive and take that word in.  It is important.  In fact it is life, Jesus said.  He knew exactly what to say in every situation.  He only spoke what He heard the Father say.  I don’t believe this was robotic but I do believe it was directed.

Having said this, I warn us that not every thought we have is from the Lord.  A favorite bumper sticker I have seen reads, “Don’t believe everything you think.”  So true!  The logos, the logical, informational word of God which includes the Bible, the written word, is so important for our lives.  Jesus resisted the lying thoughts from the enemy by using words written by Moses and the prophets.  I think that creation also is a part of the logos we have from God.  The heavens declare the glory of God, the psalmist wrote.  Normal everyday responsibilities and the world around us can express God’s truth as well.

I sometimes have a thought to share but often I pause and listen in my spirit to the Lord, whether to proceed.  I may be overly cautious but it is far better to have our tongues submitted to the Spirit then just talk.  Recently, I read a discussion of verbal communication.  It said the actual words used were 7% of the message and that 55% was tonality.  Our attitude comes through facial expression, body language and our tone of voice.  Jesus, said that we speak out of the content of our hearts.  As we spend time with our Father, our Abba, our Daddy, we will live and speak by His Spirit.  In His presence we are transformed so that even our words will be His.  Twice in the prophets, the Lord says, “I have put my words in your mouth.” (Is. 51:16, Jer. 1:9, also Is. 59:21)  Of Moses, it is written that he knew the Lord face-to-face and mouth to mouth.  Do not corrupt what is spiritual with an earthly thought.  The meaning concerning Moses is the same as with Isaiah and Jeremiah.  We are drawn to know the Lord intimately.  Go back and read all of John 6:63.

So as the Lord has put His words in us and they become our life, our walk, we can speak His words with authority.  As a pastor and brother, David Wagner, has said, “If you have a testimony of Jesus, you can prophesy.”  By prophesy, it simply means to speak God’s words.  It must be with authority or it will fall to the ground, that is have no effect on the listener.  We can learn to parrot what others speak but I have learned that we must digest the words Christ speaks to us.  That is meditation.  We process what the Lord speaks in the spirit of our mind.  That is where we are renewed and transformed.  Jesus spoke about us keeping His commands, His words.  Hold them fast, eat them.  Allow those words to become part of you and walk them out.  Live in obedience to them.  Let them light your way and direct your path.

By that process, the word will become flesh in and through you, and like the first-born Son, you will live and speak more as a son of your Father in heaven.  Jesus always spoke accurately and with authority.  He spoke the words that He knew from His Father.  So it will be with us who follow Him.  We seek to stay close, to abide, to be aligned and refined by His Spirit.  It is His desire also, and was His intent before you knew Him.  As you learn of Him, you too will speak apples of gold in settings of silver.