A Woman in the Heavens – Revelation 12

John was in the Spirit.  Heavenly revelations, unveilings, exposures were given to him.  These were similar to those seen by Ezekiel and Daniel.  These are spiritually understood.  Recently, I have read some of the historical interpretations of chapter 12 of Revelation and the visions recorded.  These comments did not address another understanding.  I had the privilege of knowing some saints who had grown through the movement known as Latter Rain.  With these and others such as Wade Taylor, I was exposed to teaching concerning sonship.  As with many “new” teachings, distortions abounded.  Jesus clarified it this way.  Love your enemies, bless them that curse you and so prove to be sons of your Father in heaven.  All other manifestations will ultimately be tested, some will be found illegitimate, and some will be disqualified.  The sons of the kingdom will be bound and cast into outer darkness.  Jesus said this.  I choose to be a son of our Father in heaven.

Those who learn to love like Jesus loves grow into true maturity.  This passage in Revelation reveals a woman in the heavens.  This woman is the bride, the wife, if you will, of the Lamb.  She has died to the law and been joined to the One who has brought us grace and truth (Romans 7).  She is in heaven now as the cloud of witnesses and extended to the earth among those who in experience are seated with Christ in the heavenlies.  So we, along with the Spirit and the bride and John, cry, “Come, Lord Jesus.”  Through intimacy and travail in prayer, she gives birth to a man-child.  Apparently, the Greek word refers to a mature man.  Isaiah said a nation would be born in a day.  The day is drawing near, and it seems to me, has already come in a measure.  The body of Christ is arising as a mature man, yet in child-like humility fully submitted to our Father. Many true disciples are praying for people all over the world with instant healings resulting.  Other manifestations of true spiritual authority are showing up.

Paul wrote to the Galatians, who were being drawn back to the law, that the Jerusalem above is our mother.  This is very important for God’s people to understand.  It is an aspect of our true identity.  I want to write this very carefully, meaning with grace and love.  The church, His bride, the wife of the Lamb, is not Jewish.  She is heavenly, she is of a spiritual constitution.  She is of a new creation.  This new creation began when the man Christ Jesus was raised as the first-born of new creation.  This cannot be emphasized enough.  A man sits on the throne of heaven.  He is no longer Jewish; He is the first of glorified man.  He was the last Adam, dying to sin for all of mankind and He was raised to a spiritual life, complete with a glorified body.  He is now a life-giving Spirit.  Words are insufficient to describe this One who is the glorified Christ.  This is mystery.

We are hearing that God desires a womb.  His people, His church, the called-out ones, are the bride of Christ now.   In the referenced passage, we see the woman gives birth.  Christ Himself is the initial birth.  We are the following brethren, those who know the will of God, and do it.  We must act as the Father directs us.  We are the sons in His divine, heavenly family, born of His Spirit.  And we see that with the exaltation of Christ to the heavens, that satan has no more place to stand as an accuser.  He is thrown down to the earth where we overcome him.  His main weapon is accusation against those who belong to the Lamb.  And we together overcome.  We need to put away the accusations he brings through us against each other.  I emphasize together.  I have resisted independent spirits.  Those frustrate the work of the Spirit.  It can happen in families, and in the church.  Its basis are wounds unhealed, unforgiveness, fears and insecurities, self-protection.  It inhabits such ground and we separate ourselves from those spirits.  I have done it.  We need for the Spirit to possess our land our souls, so the accuser has no ground to stand on.

To be sure, as Jesus withdrew from Judea, we wisely withdraw as needed.  We must go to the Shepherd, get healed up, and return to our place as prayers.  I mean those who pray.  I am careful with our titles that can sound prideful to others, yet they are real, spiritual functions.  I mean intercessors, prayer warriors, watchmen, fire-breathers.  I have coined a new one.  Watch out.  By that last name I mean those who have the word of God in their mouths, speak it in His name (in His character) and it devours and silences His enemies, and ours.

Prayer, deep prayer, heavenly-minded prayer in intimate cooperation with Christ by the Spirit, brings to birth the new man that God desires.  This is interpretation of the picture we see in Revelation 12.  Yes, that man, that new man is already; he exists already.  He is the body of Christ.  Later in the passage John records that trouble will come to those who dwell on the earth.  The children of the woman are persecuted.  But rejoice you who dwell in heaven.  The more we identify with our place seated with Christ in the heavens, the more joy, the more new wine is poured out through us.  Have you heard the message of Psalm 91?  Dwell in the secret place under His shadow.  Live there, stay there.

Are you knowing, experiencing, the place of authority He offers to us, as seated with Him in the throne room of God?  I have seen in the Spirit empty seats waiting for those who will take them.  I could say to each one that He has a seat for you with your name on it.  It costs you time sitting at His feet.  You find when you take your seat, like Isaiah (Isaiah 6), you are not worthy, but He brings His fire to cleanse.  More than that, as you pour out tears like the harlot, He comes to wash your feet.  I weep again when I see Him love me like that.  He wants to share His eternal, heavenly life with you now.  Just take the time to draw near.