Wisdom as Mixed Her Wine

(Prov. 9: 1, 2, 5, Ps. 46: 4)

 Wisdom has mingled, or mixed, her wine.  Something about the old KJV word mingled gives a different picture then the simple word mixed.  For me personally, it has a greater weight.  In our modern culture, mixing is done by throwing stuff in a blender.  The Lord is more thoughtful, caring, kind.  He is not mechanical.  It doesn’t mean we won’t feel the change and know the process.  It may still hurt and result in loss but we know that any loss is for His best in our lives, individually and corporately.

The Lord has a distinct purpose in how He brings His life into a situation.  The people that He chooses, the ingredients He brings together to make us something of our lives together that He can pour out into the earth and bring His life to many, even to the creation itself.  We focus upon what He is doing now, teaching now, speaking now.  That is important but I am increasingly moved to remember the past, to consider the good wine He poured out through the lives of His bondservants before us.

He began with those 12 and sat at a table with them at a momentous meal.  Consider what was happening.  Jesus presented the new covenant that had been spoken by Jeremiah.  He took the cup at the end of the meal.  Now, in context, for the ones present, this was a Passover meal.  They had done this many times before.  A reverent attitude was present but they had no idea, no consciousness, of the magnitude of it all.  “This is the new covenant in my blood,” Jesus said.  Recently, a brother leading a service had a long table set out up front.  We went up at and sat in His presence. It was awesome and tender.

A cup of wine.  We need to receive from all the streams of living wine.  Some have gone long before us.  The truths recovered during the period we call the Reformation are sometimes lost in the shuffle of the prophetic words of the month.  What some dismiss as “old” is newer than the “new” word.  A revelation of the new covenant will bring us to see, like Paul did, that that cup, that blood, is the blood of the eternal covenant.  A covenant sealed from before the foundation of creation.  Fixed, immutable, secured by the living God for all mankind.  Receive the new wine the gift of His Son continually flowing to and through us.

All the hidden riches of wisdom and knowledge are in Christ.  It says ALL.  The One by whom, for whom, and through whom, all things were created; He understands every detail of us and of our lives.  We run here and there for help.  To be sure, in many counselors we find wisdom.  We are here to help one another.  But many run outside, away from the truth, because they cannot face themselves.  Run to Him, and do not refuse wise counsel.  We all have done it somewhere along the line.  Then, hopefully, we see the mess we are in and return to Him.  Stick close to Him, and as our friend Brother Lawrence penned long ago, ask Jesus to keep you closer.  He sticks closer than any other.  He is always near.  To share a line from a Hillsong hymn, “my ever present help, speaking truth when I can’t find it.”  Listen to the still small voice of wisdom and follow it.