(Hebrews 12:15, 4:16)

God’s throne, the place from which His authority flows, is a source of grace. This grace has no limit.  It is abundant and wherever failure and sin abound, it flows from God.  We must continually receive it.  We get into trouble when we want grace without truth.  He is light and as we have mentioned, when you come to Him, you find him on His throne.  He will shine His light on you and you know that nothing is hidden from His sight.  Don’t be afraid, don’t cringe, don’t shrink back.  Simply agree with Him about whatever has been exposed and His grace, demonstrated at the cross, takes it all away.  This is the new covenant in the blood of Jesus Christ.

We read that grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. His appearance on the earth, at the right time in God’s eternal program, brought in an understanding, an awareness, a consciousness that was not known to man before.  We must say that some did know it, that is they experienced it without the full revealing of it to all mankind, as came in the person of Jesus Christ. Samuel, David, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and many others including those 7000 who had not bowed the knee to Baal in the days of Elijah, knew something of His grace.  In the Psalms, David wrote of His lovingkindness.  This is that grace simply expressed in another word, “lovingkindness.”

We come to His throne to ask according to His will. Sometimes we ask outside of His will.  Thank Him for His love and wisdom that He does not say yes to every request.  Sometimes He does not answer because He has a larger purpose, or sees a particular situation in us that He addresses by His silence.  Jesus prayed three times that the cup, the cross, might pass from Him.  He submitted to God’s will and fulfilled His purpose.  Our brother Paul asked that his thorn in the flesh might be removed.  He asked three times and our Father’s answer was, “My grace is sufficient for you.”

Lean into His grace and find yourself leaning on your Beloved and sing as the Shulamite sings. She is singing louder and louder today and her voice is becoming a trumpet.  The voice of the bride and the bridegroom is mingling in the atmosphere.  It is a song of grace and truth; it is sounding more and more like Jesus.  Do not be surprised.  Is that not His purpose from the beginning?  He prayed that we would be one as He and the Father are one.  Marriage sounds like that; two become one.  The wedding feast is our destination. The Lord said to Abraham, “Walk before me and be blameless.”  We are hearing a call to walk like Enoch walked.  He walked with God.  Do you hear Him calling us to be with Him where He is? (John 17:24, Rev. 4:1)  Many who have gone before us walked with Him, but it is not His intention that this be limited to a select few.  We are invited to live at the throne of grace, a place of beholding His shining face, full of joy at our presence before Him, 24/7, 365.  He is able to present us before His presence with exceeding joy.

We are coming to the consummation. The bride is being made ready.  Multitudes have said yes to the proposal offered by the Holy Spirit.  Yet we must wait patiently and endure to that end which the Father knows.  Persevere!  Let sin be washed away by your entrance into His glorious presence by the blood of the Lamb.  Where sin abounds, grace does much more abound.  His love has no limit; His grace has no measure; His power has no boundary known unto man.  Don’t stay away from the throne of grace and learn to stay right there, steadfast and immovable.  Nothing requires us to live away from His presence.