The River of God – continued

(John 7:37-39)

The river that flows from the throne of God has continued to flow in the earth since that day of Pentecost. While it may have seemed to diminish at times in our history, it never stopped but always flowed through the spirits of those who truly believed in Jesus. As He said, he who believes in me, out of his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water. The writer goes on to say He was speaking of the Spirit. When any person believes in Jesus, the Holy Spirit takes residence, and begins to flow. Depending on the condition of that person’s soul, flow may come out of the person by speech or other expression. For others the flow may be expressed within as great joy, or peace, or the Father’s love, or any number of impressions internal to that individual.

Now some may say that a second experience is necessary. Brothers and sisters, people of God, members of that one holy nation of kings and priests, we must cease from judging others by our own experience. I was baptized in the Spirit at that moment that Jesus became real. I did not speak in tongues until months later. Nowhere do we read that there is a formula for experience in, and by, the Spirit of God. Encourage one another to pursue the knowledge, the experience, of God. Encourage everyone you meet to that end, to know Him, the Christ. Yes a second experience is necessary. So is a third, fourth, fifth, and on into the eternal age. I need, I want, I hunger for a new experience every day. Some are simply more dramatic than others.

We often speak of a born again experience. Time and a person’s walk, will reveal the truth, the reality of the faith exercised in the moment of an experience. Real faith is expressed in such a way. Jesus said that the one who believes, out of his spirit, would flow rivers, that is, more than one. Rivers, many expressions of His life, would come out of that person. It is He who is that living water. Jesus declares that plainly to the woman at the well (John 4).

Some talk of third, fourth, and fifth waves. One brother asked me once if I was part of one of those. The river is one river with many streams. There is a river, the streams whereof make glad the city of God. Are the streams, are the waves, increasing your joy? Are you a living stone in the walls of that city? That is the same as standing in the gap, allowing His hand to form you and rightly connect you in the body of Christ. This is the city which is His bride; beautiful to behold and all belonging to Him.

Each move of God is well described as a wave. We have needed every move of God. Men and women contended in prayer for them and we are grateful. Don’t separate the waves. Those who do so cause divisions while they seek their own ministry, their own “place” in His body, basing their life on being in the “right” stream. We are all His, bought with His blood. The waves are His; all part of His river, the river that flows from His throne. It all comes from Him and will return to Him. Of Him, and by Him are all things created. All things are held together by the word of His power. He has a purpose, a plan, and He holds the times and seasons. Only the Father Himself holds the times. He opens the door and no man can shut it and only He can bring us through. As we go deep into His river, our destination is certain and it is certain to be right on time.

The river is the Spirit. John began that writing called a Revelation of Jesus Christ by saying he was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day. He was in the river and was carried up to the throne room. That writing, that book, ends with more about the throne room. The source is the throne where God sits, where the lamb that was slain sits. He has finished His work and sat down at the right hand of God.