Pictures in the Spirit

Pictures in the Spirit

Jesus said the Holy Spirit would lead us into all truth.  The Spirit came to bring a revelation of Jesus Christ.  As we receive Him directly and fed through others we are strengthened in our inner man, our Spirit.  This is a simple truth and the basis of all spiritual life.  I am convinced that living in the world as we know it today, the Spirit of Christ has affected, touched, and found some ground in many people.  The truth that in these last days, the Lord has poured His Spirit upon all flesh, is evident if we have eyes to see.  Jesus said to lift up our eyes and see the fields ready for harvest.  The Spirit of God has been brooding upon the earth in a new and glorious way for 2000 years since Jesus appeared and poured out His Spirit on Pentecost.

Jesus taught in parables to help His disciples understand things of the kingdom of God.  He expressed spiritual truth in picture stories.  He also said His words are spirit and are life.  When we hear with the spiritual ears given by God, we receive life.  We get it.  The natural mind apart from the Spirit of God cannot understand.  As we seek the Lord and the growth He desires to provide, He will give pictures.  I know believers whose spirits have grown to receive 3-D visions.  Do we need to say that such experiences are Biblical and that the Spirit of God has not changed since creation?  Jesus took three with Him to the mountain and He was transfigured and Moses and Elijah joined Him in conversation.  This was not symbolic, this was real!

Now I understand that this was an encouragement for Jesus.  You may say, Jesus did not need encouragement.  You are separating yourself from His humanity.  Rather I would remind you He was fully human.  The record states that the three, Elijah, Moses, and Jesus, spoke of Jesus’ impending death.  Three in the heavenly realm being observed by three in the earthly.  The veil was removed and the Lord had three witnesses, Peter, James, and John.  In the mouth of two or three witnesses let every fact be established.  They would see Jesus resurrected, and John would see much more years later on Patmos.

The other 9 disciples did not see what Peter, James, and John saw that night and I think those three obeyed Jesus and did not mention it until later.  Peter mentions it in his letter.  I have not had an open vision but I have had pictures in my spirit.  I would say they were seen in the spirit of my mind as Paul described the place where we are renewed.  An example is, while in fervent prayer, I was seeing myself, my spirit, as a flame ascending.  I was wrapped with another flame like two strands of a rope and I understood the other flame as the Holy Spirit.  We were operating as one before the Lord.  I observed a similar picture in the natural.  It was very unusual.  I was at an outdoor storage unit in our apartment complex and noticed two long worms on the side of the structure.  One stretched itself to form a circle and I recall the other stayed in a long straight line.  I realized they were slugs who had significantly stretched  their normally short bodies.  After other movements that appeared calculated, they wrapped themselves as the strands of a rope.  They were mating.  I was surprised by what I observed.  They operated as one.

First the natural, then the spiritual.  It is a way of the Lord, more than a law or principle, it is the way He reveals things that already are.  His desire is that we be joined, married to Him, one with Him.  As Jesus prayed, He prays for us, not as independent individuals, although that is important, but as a group.  He prays that we be one as He and the Father are one.  John records it in John 17.  That body of true believers, even disciples, even wise virgins are the ones He prayed for.  He said He was not praying for the world.  I believe He meant He was not praying for all the people but for that group, including the women I want to add, and all those who believe (that is, truly believe and trust) because of what others hear from them.

He was focused on His own.  He defined them as the ones His Father had given Him.  Jesus Himself had a small group.  It’s wonderful to me that over the next 50 days following that prayer, the 12 would increase to 120 in the upper room.  Jesus said it was expedient that He leave so that the Spirit would come.  Through that initial group, Jesus began to turn the world upside down.  Now we see Him turning it inside out.  How is that for a picture?  I am smiling.  Don’t try to picture that.

A New and Better Covenant

A New and Better Covenant

(Jeremiah 31:31-34, Hebrews 8:6-13)

This meditation has been with me for years but is new and fresh every day.  I have said that I hoped for us as His people to come fully out of every shadow of the old covenant and fully enter the new.  And this I said out of a desire that we gain a revelation, an understanding of the eternal covenant.  This is fresh just as the manna was in the wilderness.  He makes all things new continually.  He never changes.  He is always the same.  He is eternal.

The new covenant is made in a relationship that requires following the Lamb.  Are you following?  Are you even now knowing the desire to be closer to Him than you have ever been?  Are you wanting Him for a newness?  He is always ready to give it.  I do not mean here to imply it is automatic.  It always includes a waiting, a seeking, a pressing on and a pressing in.  But He is faithful and a rewarder of all who diligently seek Him.  As we go on and have pressed through, we will find His response to us is quickened.  Didn’t He say, I come quickly?  If this seems contradictory, it is our analysis that often is our problem.  That’s part of growth, our processing of what is happening around us and in us.  So Lord, give us an eternal perspective, that is, Your perspective.

His desire is for this very thing, for a people who answer the call to come higher.  It includes leaving things behind just as He said it would be as we follow Him.  The higher call always has a cost.  The disciples did not know the end of this earthly life immediately when they responded to Him.  Abraham was not called to sacrifice his son on the first day he heard God call him.  He went on a journey, not fully comprehending where God was taking Him.  But he left Chaldea, his hometown behind.  He left the world, the riches, the comfort of this world, this present evil age behind.  So Jesus said to the religious of His day, if you say Abraham is your father, do what Abraham did.  But they had no hears to hear the voice of God, as Abraham heard and followed.

May the Lord tune our ears to His pitch, even a mature (that’s what His perfect is) hearing, a spiritual hearing, unmixed with our own desires.  I had been drawn to Jesus’ full discourse in John’s gospel.  It covers a few pages, all spoken at that table when the Passover was fulfilled.  All of the works of God are fulfilled in His Son, Jesus Christ.  And He shared that cup with them after the meal and plainly said, this cup is the new covenant in my blood.  We become partakers of His life and of His sufferings as we sit at His table and share the cup with Him.

The name “Christian” has been so misused and applied that some of the Lord’s true followers don’t want to use it.  But Christ has not changed.  Jesus has been resurrected, and is now seated with all authority.  I could put the word “all” in caps.  No one has any true authority for life apart from Him.  Having written those words, I think much more must be considered.  A year or so ago, while praying I had a picture in my mind.  I saw a table and some were seated at it.  It quickly grew, and then it multiplied very strangely.  The message of it all is very simple.  True fellowship with the Lord Jesus is multiplying.  Many are being drawn to Him, to enter into this covenant, this new, eternal one that is based in and consists of His blood.   The phrase, “the blood of the eternal covenant,” resonates within me.  It motivates the passion.  His life is in the blood.

Read the passages I reference under the title.  The writer of Hebrews refers to the very words that God gave through Jeremiah.  This wonderful, new covenant is not to be a representation of some religious concept.  It brings us into a depth of spiritual relationship that is like marriage.  But earthly marriage is temporary and cannot touch the glory that is to be fully revealed after this life is done.  And it cannot be compared to what we can know of the Lord Himself as we journey here.

The word know as used by Jeremiah is the same Hebrew word that is used when Adam knew his wife Eve and she later gave birth.  Our spiritual relationship with the Lord Jesus is an intimate union where we give birth to spiritual life in others.  It is all by His word.  As Jesus said, “My words are spirit and they are life.”  Feed on Him, the living word today.

Sitting With Christ

Sitting With Christ

(Eph 2:6)

Before we experience being seated with Him in heavenly experience, we need to experience sitting at His feet.  While I have heard many approaches to leading people to the Lord and also many approaches to spiritual growth, I believe it comes down to this.  Do you know Jesus Christ?  And are you growing in Him, in grace and truth, and the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ?  Like Mary in Bethany, do you take the time to put everything aside?  Or are you anxious about many things that ultimately do not matter at all?  I still deal with the cares of this world.  And my main weapon against it all is this. “Father I cast all my care on you for you care for me.”  Yes we need such weapons for we are in a battle.  The tyranny of the world and time must be overcome.

It is essential to carve out time to simply listen to the Lord.  I learned that a long time ago.  It works differently for me now.  We have seasons and changes in our lives.  It was so with the disciples.  I was recently reminded of these words through Isaiah (Is. 50:4), “He wakens me morning by morning.  He wakens my ear to hear as a disciple.”  Some believers still struggle with the concept that God speaks to us directly.  If they cannot see it in the written word, they are skeptical.  They are led of the Lord but often seemingly held back by tradition.  That thought may be my own filter.  Often I find our communication gets bogged down in semantics, the meaning of words.  You know how two people can say the same words and mean something very different.

I have found the Lord speaks to me in a language I can understand.  We also learn His language.  That brings us to think of the tongues of angels, heavenly languages.  It was this spiritual experience that encouraged me in the miraculous, the very spontaneous interventions of God.  The tongues of fire fell suddenly on that day of Pentecost.  I already knew the wonder of the revelation of Christ in me, registering in my soul by the Spirit.  I had been filled with the Spirit.  Without any drama, I asked for the experience of tongues privately and immediately received it as a mature language.  I have learned that the Spirit works differently in every situation and to never try to put my specific experience on anyone else, nor try to copy theirs.

As a wise old saint once said, “Don’t try and walk in my shoes.  You might get bunions.”  The Spirit gives as He wills, not as we may desire.  And Paul wrote to the Corinthians, “Do all speak in tongues?”  (1 Cor. 12:30)  Let us not argue about such things, rather pray for and build one another up in our spirits, our inner man.  The Lord Jesus Himself met people uniquely.  The woman at the well, each of the disciples, Nicodemus.  They each had a personal encounter with Jesus.  So it is with every experience with the Holy Spirit, and with every person.  He comes and reveals something fresh, or He gives an experience like tongues, or healing or wisdom or knowledge.  It is often according to a need but it is His wise and wonderful response which may not be what we expected.  At Pentecost, they did not specifically expect tongues of fire and speaking in other languages.  That was God’s choice.

I believe heaven broke in and they all in that room broke into heaven.  It was not by their effort, or by some earthly, natural means.  They responded to what Jesus told them, to go to Jerusalem and wait.  I think there was a great hush the moment before the Spirit fell and surged into and through them.  I read a book by Harry Foster, a man in direct fellowship with T. Austin-Sparks, where he wrote on this.  He was addressing the need to be still in our seeking after God and looking for spiritual gifting, or revival, or harvest, or whatever we desire from God.  First we must hear what He says, and respond.  Those in that upper room were responding to Jesus.  They were not planning a strategy for the Lord to move.  The Lord Jesus gave them simple clear instructions and they followed through.

As the Lord Himself said, I do nothing except what I see and hear the Father do and say.  May it be the same for us.  Seated with Him in the heavens, in the very throne room of God, the mighty One, the Lord of hosts, may we be listening for His voice and going as He sends.  He dispatches angel armies on behalf of those who follow His lead.  As the angel said to Joshua, “As the commander of the army of the Lord, I have now come.”  As the Lord raised up Joshua, who had prepared for 40 years, let us follow the Lamb as He leads us.  Let us continue to look and listen to that One on the throne.

The Greater Purpose

The Greater Purpose

(Psalm 45)

This psalm begins with the words, “My heart overflows with a good theme.”  In times of trouble, in a wilderness setting, in a place of isolation, the Lord would draw us closer to Himself.  Again He would speak to us and remind us of the larger picture and purpose.  He has had a purpose, a plan, a strategy from before the foundation of the earth.  The more we see present circumstances through that lens, the greater the effective outcome of the circumstances.  We learn a new lesson, not outwardly but inwardly.  We ourselves are revived and awakened to what is really going on.

Isaiah 57:15 speaks of the Lord’s revival.  He looks to those who are humble and contrite, or broken.  The cry “Lord, what are you doing?  What are you after?”  can be a complaint or an honest cry for alignment.  Isaiah 66 echoes the Lord’s attitude toward the humble and broken.  As He speaks about His house, He says, “What are you looking to build?  I am looking for meek ones to whom I can give the earth.”  The meek are in a position, are empty, so they can be filled, and built together.  They see others differently because they know who they are and what they are not.  Reading through Psalm 33, we see the Lord looking from heaven (v. 13) and the Sprit speaks of the Lord’s counsel.  And His eye is on them that fear Him (vs. 18).  He singles out those who hope in Him.

His purpose is connected with His calling which is connected with His gaze.  He searches the whole earth, and He searches those who are His people, His church. He looks at the heart.  He is wanting to expose those things that hinder the flow of His life and as we allow, or yield, those things are removed.  I am often brought back to those words written in Revelation as the Lord walks among His lampstands.  It’s wonderful to know that we are part of that and He has not quit on us.  No pride in that.  He revealed Himself to us and we are paying attention.  We are returning His gaze.  I believe we are.  His eyes are always searching.  As He does we learn to rest in His love.  I still think of James words, “Consider it a joy when trouble comes.”  I am not always so quick to that response.  James wrote that because he understood it in his own life.  My we be quick to see what the Lord is after as we face new challenges, new troubles.

Trouble comes to bring us to a better place, a place of greater understanding.  I often hear a cry for the a return of the fear of the Lord.  Yes, it is necessary and foundational.  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  We need to continue on from there in our lives just as that verse continues.  And the knowledge (intimate experience) of the Holy One is understanding.  As we understand what His greater purpose is, the true and mature knowledge of Him, we move in greater submission to all that He brings our way.  Let us press on to know Him.  Is anything else really worth it?

Communion With the Lord

Communion With the Lord

(Song of Songs 2:4, Psalm 23:5)

Most times I write, the title comes to me quickly.  It was not so today.  We are in a time of trouble that has come upon the whole earth.  In the natural, it feels a bit like a wartime.  I do not want to spend much time in those thoughts.  My intent in writing today is far different.  As recent events began to unfold, the Lord drew me into a time alone with Him.  He brought me again to Song of Songs and a theme He had emphasized many months ago.  He has a table set for us, always.  We can live at that table.

Some of you may know of Thom Gardner who has had a fruitful ministry which includes authoring some books.  I have read three and one of those addresses coming to a table with others where true relationship can grow.  It’s important to come to the table without an agenda, without an expected outcome.  We learn to listen.  I have seen this operate wonderfully with my wife Augusta.  I must say that is not always the case but when we talk in the right spirit, something genuine happens.  We hear each other.  That is the key.

So it is with the Lord. And there, as it was with Mary in Bethany, we learn at Jesus’ feet.  Yet Jesus lifts us up, inviting us to sit at the table where He sits.  He so invited them at Laodicea when He invites them to share a meal.  It is so at that last Passover meal when He tells the 12 that He had earnestly desired to share that meal with them.  That is very strong language He uses there.  The word lust could be used but that has too many other connotations for many of us.  It was an intense desire for communion, a depth of committed relationship that cannot be taught, that Jesus desired.  It can only be experienced.  Jesus was about to do something that would so change the very lives of all that table.  It would have an eternal impact.

Without spending too many words on a tangent, the disciples had been on a high ride for 3-1/2 years.  While much opposition and danger existed, daily victories happened.  The triumphal entry, as we call it, had occurred.  That was going to appear to come crashing down.  The next 3 days or so were going to be devastating.  These would be followed by 50 days of amazing revelation and understanding and the explosion at Pentecost.  Talk about an acceleration!  But this is all about a depth of relationship that is so profound.  Jesus was about to destroy the very power of death.  He had foreshadowed it in Bethany by raising Lazarus.  Interesting to mention that place again.  He had spent time there simply sitting at a table with them.  Jesus knew Lazarus and loved him.

Are we spending such time with Him?  The bride, the Shulamite, sings this, “He brought me to His banqueting house and His banner over me is love.”  So much is buried in those words.  I found again that the marginal translation for “banqueting house” shows it literally means “house of wine.”  What a different level of meaning.  For me, wine speaks of joy. The bridegroom brings His own, His bride to a house of joy.  Do you hear again His prayer in John 17?  He wants us to share in His joy.  Yes, the way to that joy is through the cross.  For the joy set before us we must also endure.

David wrote of his Shepherd, “He prepares a table for me in the presence of my enemies.”  Paul much later writes that we are seated with Him in the heavenlies.  There, we sit above the churn of these earthly troubles.  From there, we can move about in this world bringing His life.  In a recent prayer meeting (on-line of course), a brother shared about this being a time of rest.  I think it is so.  Personally, it has been like nothing I have ever known before.  I have been sifted and He has shown Himself faithful.  I am being drawn closer and everything that can be shaken, has been well shook.  His kingdom remains.  All the rest of this will surely pass away.

The Body of Christ

The Body of Christ

(Paul’s Letters)

As I waited on the Lord for my next article, I realized that spiritual truth can get “deep”,  We can get ethereal and lost in a bunch of words and thoughts.  Frank Work’s recent piece, “The Battle for the Kingdom Will Leave Scars”, addressed the nitty gritty of our lives.  It’s a war.  And as Pogo (that’s a comic strip) said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”  That is why the Lord provided the way of the cross.  As we die daily, it brings life to others.  Paul wrote, “Death works in us that life might work in you.”  The true apostle, one sent by the Lord Himself, knows Jesus Christ.  That one knows that his calling is to lay down his life, especially for fellow believers.  Beyond that, he offers life to all that he may meet.  My reference this time is to all of the letters Paul wrote to the church.  Much of his writing addresses believers relationship with one another.

Paul refers many times to the fact that we are a body.  And we are the body of Christ.  We are His very body.  After many years, the truth of this, the reality of it, sank into me.  This is not just an idea.  This fact will renew us in the spirit of our minds.  We are very members of Christ.  That is what Paul was saying to the Corinthians when he told them they can no longer go to harlots.  As I began to review the place where Paul addressed the Romans concerning being members of His body, the flow was interesting.  Read Romans 12 and he begins calling us to present our bodies as living sacrifices.  We are called to walk worthy, to be cleansed and stay clean.  He then goes on to encourage us to use the spiritual gifts that we have been given.

I will write it again.  We are members of the very body of Christ.  We are each connected directly to the head Himself.  The picture of the body seems to break down there but see it this way.  The natural nervous system transmits impulses to every part of the body.  So we all have those impulses flowing to each of us directly from Christ.  So John could write that each of us has no need of a teacher for we all have the teacher (the anointing), the Holy Spirit.  He gives each of us ears to hear.  It’s for us to use them, to pay close attention and follow His lead.

Paul has also written that the church (ecclesia) is His body.  The church, Christ’s church, is not an institution.  We have not fully learned how to administrate natural provision without creating another entity.  I do not mean this as criticism but simply as an observation.  We are learning to have true care for one another.  We lay down our lives and look to the interests of others and not just our own.  I have thought that Jesus is not returning for a collection of institutions but for those who love Him.  To the Ephesians, Paul wrote, we are one body (Eph. 4:4, 15, 16) and went on (Eph. 5:25-32) as he commented on marriage in comparison to Christ and the church.  Paul makes the profound statement that we are members of His body, of His flesh, and of His bones.  And He calls it a mystery.

We should be glad in that last statement because our minds, our natural ability to process and analyze cannot comprehend this truth.  Yet as it is revealed to us by the Spirit, it is a joy that we are so joined with Christ.  It is inseparable, a mighty work of God’s Spirit.  But it must be walked out by putting off all our old ways, all the behaviors incited by our selfish desires.  How we need to walk in and by the Spirit; in close union and relationship with the Lord.  Remember, Paul was introduced to this fact on that road to Damascus as the Lord Jesus said, “Why are you persecuting me?”  Jesus was stating this fact that He was joined to His own, His disciples.  If someone harms us, they harm Christ.  And if we harm one of His own, we harm Him.

To the Colossians, Paul referred to the church being His body (Col. 1:18, 24).  So these thoughts are different expressions or sides of the same thing.  This is our identity.  These words are an expression of aspects of our identify from God.  This is why we need to honor and care for one another.  We are members of Christ, not as members of some institution, or organization but of a living thing.  We can nurture one another, or, as we are warned, we can bite and devour one another.  So let us focus on how we can build each other up.  In doing so we strengthen the church to be the lampstand and shine His light into the world.  He has called us to be that for such a time as this.

Vessels to Be Poured Out

Vessels to Be Poured Out

(John 2:1-10, Acts 9:15, 2 Cor. 4:7)

Last year, I heard someone speak of wine and new wine many times.  When I think of wine I think of joy.  Remember how at Pentecost, some of the onlookers mocked and said those coming out from the upper room were drunk; they were filled with new wine.  We might say they were but it was not natural wine.  They were filled with great joy.  I am sure that was quite a scene.  A quiet hint of this came at Jesus first public miracle at a wedding in Cana.  Wine was a part of the wedding celebration among the Jews.

As with any story of Jesus’ life, we can see much in this passage about the wedding.  My focus is now on the vessels.  We are vessels.  Jesus calls for the servants to bring these specific water pots, made in a certain way for this purpose.  We are each made for  particular purpose.  Often the Lord will group a people together for a specific purpose.  I see this an operation of the Spirit among His people.  He calls His servants to gather some vessels for a particular purpose.  Again, I think of those gathered in the upper room.  He had directed them to go and wait.  May we hear Him direct us to the ones He wants to fill.  So Jesus directs them to fill the pots with water.

The Lord never works the same way.  He had seen Saul well before He revealed Himself on the road to Damascus.  The Lord Jesus watched him as he was taught by Gamaliel.  Paul, the new Saul, later said that he had been zealous for God but not according to knowledge, meaning the personal knowledge of Jesus.  The Lord watched when Stephen was stoned and Paul assented.  And He heard Stephen say with a loud voice, “Lord do not charge them with this sin.”  I think Stephen wanted the crowd to hear.  Jesus was preparing this man for when He calls Ananias (Acts 9) to pray for Saul, He says that Saul is a chosen vessel to be His witness to the Gentiles.  The wisdom of God is so far above ours!  He reveals it in His time.  May we be ready when called as Ananias was.

I am sure Ananias did other things as the Lord calls but he is only mentioned here.  He himself was a vessel, prepared and set apart for this purpose.  We have all known this in some measure.  We have heard God’s call.  According to the gravity of assignment the Lord will come to us and make it clear.  He came to Ananias in a vision and gave specific instructions.  We can read the rest of that story and we know the far reaching ministry of Paul.

And we have this treasure in earthen vessels.  Paul wrote that to the Corinthians, speaking of himself.  Today we know that is for us all.  We are called, chosen, each for a specific purpose, that the Lord might be seen through us.  He fills us with living water as the pots in Cana, and when we are poured out to others they taste new wine.  Joy!  We allow the troubles of this life to mature us so we are fit for use at a wedding feast, His wedding feast.  And we follow Him and obey His directions and others receive a blessing.  The Lord is glorified and His vessels are prepared to fulfill His call on their lives.  Thank you Lord for the faithful servants that you have used to pour into our lives, that You might pour us into others.

God Has Exalted Jesus Christ – Part 1

God Has Exalted Jesus Christ – Part 1

(Acts 5:29-32, Phil. 2:5-11, Ps. 2)

God has exalted His Son.  He has given Him a name above every name.  It is expressed in various ways for us.  God Himself, the source of all, the Living God, has exalted the man, Jesus, and given Him all authority.  This man who is called the first-born from the dead is seated at the right hand of God.  Jesus Himself says to John on the isle of Patmos, “I am He that lives and was dead.”  He later says, “I have sat down with my Father on His throne.”  Some years ago, I was in a diner for breakfast and some men had gathered there for fellowship.  I use that word as their clear purpose was to share the life that Christ is.  One of them was clearly the leader.  We could call him an elder.  It was so plain that he had a maturity beyond the others.  This is not to say the others were immature as I spoke for a few minutes to one of the group as they got settled.  I said something to the leader and he responded, “It is a mystery and a marvel.”  That is a simple and wonderful expression of who Jesus is.

It is written that all things were created by Him, for Him, and through Him.  He was with the Father before the world was, and He knew it.  No other man is like this man.  Born of a virgin, without earthly father, born by a sovereign act of the Holy Spirit.  He is the first born of all creation in this.  At His natural birth, God was doing something greater than the creation of Adam.  That was only the beginning of the revealing of His Son.  God gave Him to be the Lamb, the sacrifice for al the sins of mankind.  And He accomplished more than that.  He is the last Adam.  He is standing, and laying down His life, for us all.  The essence of the good news is that when He died, we all died.  Now some extend this that all our saved.  No, we were all dead in sins.  But God made us alive together in Him.  We must receive the life of the risen Christ.  We must believe that so that it becomes our life.

How was it that God so honored Jesus above all?  Read Isaiah 57:15 and 66:1-2.  He regards the humble, the broken and contrite among men.  Christ became sin for us.  That in itself is a mystery but it is the very wisdom of God.  We read in the passage from Paul’s letter to the Philippians, Jesus humbled Himself.  The Son; like His Father is meek and lowly in heart.  This is essential to His nature.  This may not compute to us.  The Lord is who He is.  He is I am that I am.  He does not have to prove anything.  His purpose is to reconcile all things to Himself, and this He has done in and through His Son.  And we are invited and pleaded with to come and participate.  Read Romans 12:1-2.  The Spirit through Paul beseeches us to be transformed.  Humble yourself under God’s hand and process, and He will exalt you at the proper time.

Humility is the way to honor.  It was so for Jesus and it is so for us in Him.  True humility results in obedience.  He who is willing and obedient will eat the good of the land. (Is. 1:19)  The Lord is referring here to spiritual good.  Jesus was in tune with His Father and did what He saw the Father doing.  He spoke what He heard from His Father.  He was focused on this.  It’s written that  the Lord creates the hearing ear.  This is that ear of our inner man, our spirit.  We can call it conscience where we hear the still small voice.  While we cannot always be in the secret place, we learn to maintain a stillness and a listening ear.  We live in His presence.  He is our very present help by the Spirit.  As Jesus said, by the Spirit, He and the Father will make their abode in us.

As He makes His dwelling in us, His kingdom has come to us.  It is increasing in us.  AS we His people are so possessed by Him, His testimony, His witness is increasing in the earth.  This did not begin yesterday.  The Lord has been working through the entire earth for 2000 years.  Yes, that process is not yet complete but it is in progress and is accelerating.  Many continue to resist the truth.  So we include Psalm 2 as a reference.  The nations rage.  Resistance to the true revelation of Christ continues.  It shows up on many levels including among the collection of believers.  Churches divide over what, for many of us, are obvious issues.  These separations reflect that final separation of sheep from goats.  Mankind wants mercy without justice.  The justice of God was fulfilled at the cross.  The world hates Jesus Christ because His death seals it’s end.  Now that is not the final end for the Lord is creating new heavens and a new earth. So we pray, “Come, Lord Jesus.”

Jesus Christ Preeminent

Jesus Christ Preeminent

(Col. 1:15-20)

We move into a new year and a new decade.  But the testimony of God, the living words that proceed from the mouth of our Father do not change.  We look for a fresh word, something like that manna in the wilderness that is for today.  He is always the bread of life.  He always is life Himself.  We can always turn to Him that our inner man, our Spirit would be strengthened.  So I was unsure what to write for this blog and I heard “write about Jesus.”  Pretty simple, very direct, and always appropriate.

This passage from Paul’s letter says so much in a few words.  I have a card for introduction to this blog and the words on the back state my purpose.  “That Jesus Christ might be seen for who He truly is .”  We could stop right there and sit with that thought for a long while.  Do you know Him?  Are you growing in that knowledge?  He is the image of the invisible God.  After 2000 years, it does not cease to cause me to wonder why such resistance to Him continues.  Over the last few years, Psalm 2 continues to ring true.  “Why do the nations rage and the people imagine a vain thing?”  We cannot face the fact of our deep human need and that God has provided the answers in His Son.  That sounds so trite, so simplistic, and our human pride says it must be another way.  To be sure life has it’s complexities and we can get stuck in perplexity.

Don’t stay there.  He has made peace (vs. 20) through the blood of His cross.  He has reconciled all things to Himself.  We must say that in the broad view of humanity and the cosmos, that is yet a work in progress.  For Paul, I think he had a present awareness of that reality.  He walked worthy of his calling to be a demonstration of that reconciliation.  He gave his life, laid it down, so that God might pour him out for many to come to the Lord.  That is an apostolic calling.  Paul knew and continually worked that God’s purpose was to reveal Christ to the world.  Continue reading his words to the Colossians and Paul expresses these thoughts deeply and beautifully.  Remember Paul had significant, spiritual experiences.  He was blind for 3 days after His initial meeting with the Lord Jesus.  It blinded him!  And the Lord sent a man for his restoration.  Later he was brought into the third heaven.  While he was not free to share the details, it changed him and his perspective.

Are you growing in grace and the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We are to desire spirituals (I Cor. 14:1) but we are warned by many about seeking “experiences.”  Is your goal to know Jesus?  Paul, Saul at the time, was not looking for Him, he was persecuting Him!  Are His ways higher than pour ways!  Yes they are!  Paul later said he was zealous for God but not according to knowledge.  And we must say that Stephen’s witness as Saul held the coats of those who stoned Jesus’ friend Stephen, was part of that process of the Lord capturing Saul.  Transformed so that he changed his name to Paul.  So I, and others, continue to seek His face.  Yes we do so to seer our land healed but a higher call exists and is heard.  Come to me, the Lord says, so that we might know each other.  Whether the land is fully restored to our liking, or not.  Does your heart belong to Him?  Are your affections set above where He sits today?

We are aware, or we should be aware, of the importance of the cross of Christ.  It has been a symbol, a picture, almost an idol.  The reality of what Christ did shook the natural and spiritual world.  For those present in Jerusalem at the time, it was filtered through their relationship to the man, Jesus.  Some loved Him dearly.  Some thought He was the hope of the nation and that was now dashed.  Many hated Him and thought His death would save the nation.  The high priest had no idea what he really said when he declared that it was good for one man to die.  He was the reconciliation of man with God.  The Father’s plan and purpose were accomplished.  God had seen it from the foundations of the world and the world was about to hear what had been done.  It was important for the Son to spend 40 days with them, with His church, to show Himself.

It has not changed today.  He told them before His death that He would not leave them orphans.  He would not leave them alone.  He would come to them.  He came by the Spirit.  As though that were not enough, He met John on Patmos and gave specific instructions and messages for each of 7 churches throughout Asia.  I think it important to note that Jesus focused upon what were in lands foreign to the Jew.  He did not have a message for the church at Jerusalem.  That church had been dispersed.  Peter in his first letter addresses believers as pilgrims dispersed.  The thought is that these who had been scattered from Judea were like seed spread throughout the world to carry the truth.  The Lord of the harvest had scattered His people for a purpose.  May He so move us and direct our steps, arranging divine connections that life might flow and He would have that people, that bride, that He gave Himself up for.

Unto Us A Child Is Born

Unto Us A Child Is Born

(Isaiah 9:6, John 3:16)

During this Christmas season, I have been thinking much about the Lord’s coming.  The Lord has come, beginning as an infant.  His Spirit was always present in some remnant of mankind.  His Spirit has been brooding and striving.  As it is written, in the fulness of time, God sent His Son.  God knew the right time, the precise moment to have His Son come to the earth.  He was sent and given.  He was vulnerable.  He was unprotected yet stewarded by Mary and Joseph.  Some writings comment on His early years but those were omitted as not being fully reliable.  We are encouraged and taught to avoid controversies.  Most important, and we might say only important, is that Christ be at home in our hearts through faith.

We must receive Him.  He alone is Savior.  We in the church, have learned, and are still learning this must be a reality not some doctrinal position.  We find those outside of the “church” who own more godliness than some of those taking seats among our love-feasts.  Consider again the Roman centurion who recognized His great authority, the Syrophoenician woman, the Samaritan woman at the well, and the Gadarene demoniac.  These were not seen as Israel but became true people of faith.  Heart circumcision is God’s only way.  And it is dependable.  His word, and the work it does, is never void or unfruitful.  Unless we resist it.  Open our eyes and hearts Lord.

The incarnation of the Son as Jesus is one of the greatest miracles in all of the history of the world.  Before the foundation of the earth, the Lamb, the Son, was slain.  This was in the mind and purpose of our eternal Father.  The time came for this to show up in the earth.  His birth was timely and the same is true for His death.  At the right time Christ died for the ungodly.  I recently saw an endorsement for one of the movies depicting the life of Christ.  Most of them have a value.  The corrupted and irreverent depictions aside, I consider one of the most valuable to be The Passion of the Christ.  It is very hard for some us with tender and sensitive souls to watch it.  The crucifixion was violent and horrible.  Jesus Christ was totally disfigured.  And in reality He was naked on the cross.  He was put to total shame.  I think it to be the most violent act in all of human history.

The apostle Paul writes He became sin for us.  In Him, God condemned and put to death sin in the flesh.  That is the finished work.  Will we allow it to be worked out in us?  It was worked out in the 12 who followed Him closely, except for Judas.  He was lost as Jesus acknowledged in John 17.  Yet after His resurrection, 500 saw Him alive.  The Lord God ensured a testimony of direct witnesses.  And 120 were kept in an expectant atmosphere, not unlike what happened to Mary by the Spirit.  She was in that upper room among those waiting for a promise that came and was formed in them all.  Something changed as He who had become a life-giving Spirit poured out and fulfilling the promise spoken by the prophets.  See Joel 2.

Are we open to His brooding, transforming power and ability today?  He has no new means.  Much is new to us, every day.  To Him, the Living God, He saw it all before time began.  Our understanding fails us at every turn but our spirits are strengthened.  It is for us to submit to His working as did Mary.  For me, these are not mere stories recorded in the gospels.  They are historical records of heavenly encounters.  Forget our foolish science fictions of aliens.  The angel Gabriel came to Mary and her words ring for all of us.  Be it to each of us just as God says.  He will speak to you.  This he says to us all.  Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Repent, turn to God, and believe the good news that a Savior has come and wants to know you as you know Him.  He came as Jesus of Nazareth and now sits in God’s presence with all authority.  Receive Him, more of Him than your mind can fathom.  He is awesome, wonderful, beautiful, and so glorious, it will humble you and lift you up.  May we have ears to hear and listen and receive all He would say to us today.